Ann Kirkpatrick’s Fundraising “Haul” Signals Trouble

BrokeAnn Kirkpatrick had her first “successful” quarter on the fundraising circuit. With only $1 million in reported funds raised, Kirkpatrick did well enough to continue to be relevant while simultaneously performing so poorly as to foreshadow Kirkpatrick campaign doom.

Kirkpatrick was still outraised by Senator McCain. McCain pulled in $1.2 million, totaling $5.5 million in current campaign funds. Kirkpatrick’s total Cash on Hand? $1.3 million.

If McCain has literally four times the cash on hand in a state that remains reliably Republican, it is hard to see Kirkpatrick as a viable challenger.

Kirkpatrick’s fundraising number is even less impressive when compared to challengers in other states. First, let’s look at Ted Strickland in Ohio, challenging Republican Senator Rob Portman. Strickland raised over $1 million in the 4th quarter of 2015, and ended the year with over $2 million. Strickland just won his primary in Ohio and finds himself in a far better cash position than presumptive nominee Ann Kirkpatrick.

In Florida, Democrat Patrick Murphy has an almost identical fund to McCain’s while his closest competitor, Republican Ron DeSantis, dwarfs Kirkpatrick with $2.9 million in funds raised. In Illinois, Democrat Tammy Duckworth goes up against incumbent Mark Kirk with $6.3 million. In Nevada, Joe Heck and Catherine Cortez Masto are neck-and-neck with nearly $4 million apiece. In Wisconsin, Democrat Russ Feingold has raised $3.35 million.

All these numbers point to one thing: Kirkpatrick isn’t a record-breaking machine. And compared to fellow Senate challengers, she’s on the low end of the spectrum. Suddenly her million dollar 1st quarter doesn’t seem so impressive, and she remains well behind Senator McCain’s pace.

Facing a massive fundraising deficit and an incumbent Senator running an aggressive campaign, Kirkpatrick may end up spending her entire first-quarter “miracle” just trying to make the race competitive. She’s trailing her fellow Democratic challengers, she’s well behind Senator McCain…all the spin in the world won’t change the fundamentals of her struggling campaign.

Money might not be the only proof the voters need, but, in McCain’s case, the amount of funds he consistently raises corroborate the trust that Arizona citizens have put in him. With a history of working for Arizona’s benefit and for the benefits of veterans and other groups in need of legislative change, McCain is well on his way to re-election in November.

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