Alexander Meluskey Attacks McCain in Muddled Campaign Video

Alexander Meluskey, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, has created an attack ad focused on Senator John McCain. In the ad, above, Meluskey focuses on McCain’s response toward the Syrian refugee crisis, making the absurd argument that McCain wants to let terrorists into the country.

While Meluskey’s numbers illustrate an increasing number of radicalized terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, he shows a lack of seriousness in blaming McCain for this influx. His argument rests on the Fort Hood shooting in 2009, an attack by an American-born U.S. Army doctor who had become radicalized and killed 13 military employees. By drawing a comparison between McCain’s remarks about vetting individuals and the lapse in the vetting process with Nidal Hasan, Meluskey attempts to make a convincing argument about our inability to really know who is and isn’t radicalized.

At best, Meluskey is misinformed. At worst, he’s being flat-out dishonest.

In fact, last year, it was McCain who wrote to Chuck Hagel, disappointed that there had been no Purple Hearts awarded for those who were killed and injured by Hasan. Part of McCain’s push was to label Hasan’s actions not as an incident of workplace violence but as one of terrorism, a view that Senator Ted Cruz shared.

While the growing number of terrorist attacks is a point of concern, John McCain has worked to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. In fact, the number may be higher if not for McCain’s repeated efforts to improve the vetting process. Meluskey’s attack amounts to little more than a blind attempt at trying to turn voters against a man who has proven again and again that he is the best man for the job.

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