New High-Potency Marijuana Harming Users


A new marijuana product known as shatter, a concentrated form of marijuana oil, is endangering its users and those around them. In a report by ABC 7 out of Houston, DEA agents and some users of the drug detail concerns with the new, highly potent form of the drug.

“If you’re looking at something that has three, five, seven, or nine percent THC content, that’s a drastic difference to somebody that is consuming something with 80 or 90 percent THC content,” said DEA Special Agent Wendell Campbell.

Campbell further states that the method of making this new form involves butane, which can be ignited by a stray spark. This has led to life-threatening injuries for users.

In the report, one addict claims, “I wounded [sic] up with a two-year stint in rehab and facing prison time because of what I’ve done. It all started with just getting high.”

Meanwhile, in Arizona communities are looking at an upcoming vote on the legalization of marijuana. Many groups hope to deregulate the drug, which could lead to the dangerous potency of forms like shatter. Other groups, like Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, hope to keep the state from allowing dangerous drugs to be bought and sold so freely, hoping to regulate any use of the drug and to educate the community about the realities of addiction.

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