Solar Companies Benefit from Bad Tech


The Valley of the Sun is a more likely place than most to take part in the solar power boom. But while many see this energy source as a way of the future, solar installation companies rely on outdated technology to gain bigger paydays without having to update their product.

In recent years, the increase in usage has led to cheaper solar technologies. While in other tech industries, this would mean more revenue to devote toward progress, the solar companies continue to produce and sell primitive technology to customers. Typically in tech, the customer would see the savings, like when the price of the iPhone drops to mirror the drop in production costs. But while the unit price has gone down, installation prices have increased, meaning the customer still pays a high fee while the solar company is the main beneficiary of the lower cost.

If the solar companies continue to sell outmoded products at high cost to the customer, we hope that new players will enter the game with updated technology. If not, it could mean that this becomes just another way for morally bankrupt companies to feign interest in renewable energy so that they can make a killing off Arizonans.

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