Governor Ducey Announces Arizona Substance Abuse Task Force

In his State of the State address, Governor Doug Ducey talked about creating an Arizona Substance Abuse Task Force—a coalition of leading substance abuse experts, providers and community members focused on addressing and reversing the growing epidemic of drug abuse and addiction in Arizona. Today, the Governor proved his commitment to this issue when he named members of the task force and set the date for their first meeting.

The Arizona Substance Abuse Task Force is co-chaired by Debbie Moak, director of the Governor’s office of youth, faith and family and Dr. Sara Salek, chief medical officer of AHCCCS. There are 28 experts, doctors and people from the community serving as members on the task force. They will meet for the first time on March 23.

“Whether it’s unemployment, homelessness, crime, child neglect or the prison population, many of society’s most urgent problems can be traced back to a common theme: drug abuse and addiction,” said Governor Ducey.  “If we’re going to successfully address these issues, we must do everything we can to tackle the culprit – and that means a stronger focus on prevention, early intervention and treatment for those affected. Substance abuse and addiction isn’t someone else’s problem – it’s Arizona’s problem, and it’s a growing national crisis. We must work together to raise awareness, to educate our communities, and to reverse this silent but severe epidemic.”

Read the press release here:

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