No Money and No Re-Ward

Kelli Ward’s fourth quarter FEC fundraising report is out! The former State Senator from Lake Havasu City and now a candidate for the U.S. Senate had a less than stellar fourth quarter. According the the Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheet Report, Kelli Ward is burning through money at a higher percentage than Anne Kirkpatrick and John McCain. Ward is raising less money than both potential opponents and spending it on DC insiders advising her campaign, while trying to run as the “anti establishment” politician, and “DC outsider”.

Ward raised a meager $141,000 last quarter while managing to spend almost $204,000. According to the report, Ward’s campaign spent a generous $98,000 on fundraising services and related expenses all of which went to out-of-state consultants.

A chunk of the money went to a Springfield, Virginia based fundraising firm called Rainmakers. The irony is that “Rainmakers” seems to only be raining down funds for itself, burning a hole in Kelli Ward’s cash. Another chunk went to Axiom Strategies in Kansas City, and the last piece went to Candidate Command LLC. Out of the money spent, it appears that almost $80,000 was spent solely on fundraising and mail.

FEC Report

All in all, in 2015 Ward raised $582,000 — taking into account that she loaned her campaign $85,000 — and blew through $411,000. So we’re wondering, with a 61% burn rate, how long before Ward runs out of cash or gets out of the race altogether? Because at this point it seems as though the Ward campaign has no money and no re-Ward.

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