Ward’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Week Continues

Last week, we learned that Kelli Ward doesn’t think much of the younger voters. On a radio program, Ward suggested that Teenage Republicans, College Republicans and other “Millenials” are flocking to Senator McCain’s campaign because “they have no idea.”

Understandably, young Republican activists took exception, and voiced their displeasure on social media, later sending Ward a letter outlining their concerns.

Instead of taking the high road and apologizing, Kelli Ward and her campaign chose instead to attack, demean and belittle at least one 18 year-old activist who has a reputation for hard work and dedication to the GOP.

Here’s social media gadfly Michael Ward, bullying a young woman less than half his age…

Michael Ward Comment

And late Friday, the Arizona Republic took note, summarizing the entire incident with a devastating look at how the Wards view the very young Arizonans that Kelli Ward hopes to represent in the US Senate.

If that was not bad enough, Politico,  a national political journalism publication, also picked up on Ward’s millennial-gate

This entire situation could have been avoided with a simple apology. Instead, Kelli Ward finds herself still on the defensive, refusing to even answer questions about her own comments.

So while we aren’t expecting any comments from Kelli Ward, we do wonder: does Kelli Ward reject or embrace the attacks on young conservatives by her husband, and if so, will she (and he) issue an apology to the thousands of young voters whose only crime appears to be their support for Senator McCain?

We will update if we receive any comments from either Kelli Ward or her husband.


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