Ward: Young Voters “Have No Idea”

Young grassroots Republicans are fighting back against Kelli Ward’s insinuation that their rejection of her candidacy is a sign of stupidity or ignorance. In a YouTube video posted yesterday, Senator Ward says that young Arizonans who support Senator McCain are “McCain kids” who “have no idea.”

In the clip posted below, host Garrett Lewis, tells Ward: “Those poor kids…They [millennials] get suckered and stuck because they just don’t know any better than loving someone with an ‘R’.”

Arizona State Senator and now candidate for the U.S. Senate responded with, “I call them McCain kids…they have no idea.”

Young grassroots activists have formed the backbone of Senator McCain’s support, banding together to make hundreds of thousands of voter contacts in 2015 and organizing on college campuses and within their communities to lay the groundwork for the Senator’s re-election.

Moments after hitting YouTube, active Republican millennials responded to Senator Ward on Facebook.

From Shay Khatiri, President of the Alexander Hamilton Society:

From Ashley Heerding, the State Chairman for Students for Rubio and the “Outstanding Teenage Republican in the Nation”:

And lastly, from Caleb Rhodes, former UofA College Republican President:

So tell us, Senator Ward, did you just call millennials who don’t support you stupid, sheep, or both? Because insulting an entire generation for being politically active–especially being active in the Republican Party–is an all time low for you.

See the full clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMdJoBKTchc 



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