Bowyer: Raising Money for Ann Kirkpatrick

A Republican Chairman? We think not.

First, Bowyer works to educate, register, and promote Libertarians­­ not Republicans. Then, Bowyer flip­ flops on his social issues stance including his view on gay marriage. Then, Bowyer barely survives a vote of ‘no confidence’ taken by his executive board. Then, Bowyer and his buddy AJ LaFaro go after AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham. And now we find out that thanks to Bowyer’s crusade against the Republican Party, the Democrats are actually profiting off of his “work”.

Ann Kirkpatrick, a candidate for the United States Senate who is running against Senator John McCain, sent the following email to her supporters on January 29th:

Thanks to Bowyer’s and Lafaro’s “Anyone But McCain” resolution at the Maricopa County annual meeting earlier this month, Democrats are raising money. And not just any Democrat, but a Democrat who is running against a sitting senior Republican United States Senator.

So let us recap what we know. The Maricopa County GOP has a Chairman who actively works to register voters who are not Republicans, he works against sitting elected Republican officials including the Party Chairman, and all while claiming to “unite the Party”.

Nice try, Tyler Bowyer, but we all see what you’re doing here: ­­giving the Democrats a victory.


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