Alexander Meluskey: Setting the record straight

Arizona U.S. Senate Candidate Alexander Meluskey sent an email out to supporters responding to accusations regarding his campaign:

Dear friends, supporters, and dignitaries:

I usually make it a strong habit to ignore internet trolls and their lies, but since more than a few of you on this email sent this to me to be sure I saw it, I wanted to take a brief moment to reply clearly to these inane and libelous rantings.

I offer my apologies for bothering you with such nonsense, but since we all understand that even unfounded lies can do damage, it is best to nip them in the bud and then be done and satisfied with the matter.

It is regrettable that Kelli Ward, her husband, and their supporters take to social media and email with personal attacks, lies, innuendo, obfuscation, slander, libel, and gossip, rather than sticking to substantive issues, but nevertheless, such do require serious rebuttal from time to time.

Allow me to briefly reply to these accusations, if you would like to know mere, please read the entire release attached below. McCain does not fund me.  My staffers are long-standing proven conservatives and national leaders. I raised all my donations legally. I am a 100% true Reagan conservative and the only candidate with deep, detailed, and articulate positions covering every issue in the Republican party platform. I was the first filed candidate for this office.  Kelli Ward filed months later. She is the spoiler. And, I am not dropping out.

These are serious times for serious people and mine is a serious campaign. The Ward campaign just proved that it is nothing more than an unprofessional gathering of disreputable liars.

Please, feel free to stop by my campaign headquarters on the corner of Shea and North Hayden in Scottsdale, or email me back and a reply to this with any questions or concerns.

Most sincerely & respectfully,

Alexander Meluskey, Candidate

Meluskey for U.S. Senate, Inc.

Physical Address

10603 N. Hayden Rd, Suite 110

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mailing Address

23233 N. Pima Rd, Suite 113-175

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Scheduling 480.765.2656

Media 954.907.3292

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