Kelli Ward struggling to fund her campaign

Kelli Ward’s magnificent campaign bus apparently does not run on freedom alone.

Kelli Ward’s fundraising has fallen off a cliff for her campaign as she takes on Senator McCain. To discuss that and more, Brahm Resnik was joined by Chris Herstam- 12 News Political Insider, Laurie Roberts- Arizona Republic, and Matt Benson of Verid KPNXv

We covered Ward’s fundraising  problems before:

Even with the high influx of out-of state donors, the Ward campaign is still burning though money too fast.
Ward’s campaign raised $527,938 (including Ward’s personal loan of $85,000), spent $207,067 and had $320,871 on hand at the end of the quarter. Thats a burn rate (the proportion of funds spent to total contributions) of 39%. Without Ward’s personal loan, her campaign has a burn rate of 47%. A high burn rate shows that the campaign in struggling financially. Ward is burning through her cash too fast to say viable from much longer.
AZ Central reported that Ward’s fundraising blunders and lack of financial viability is failing to convince tea-party alined groups like FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth to take a chance and spend money on her behalf in the Arizona race. Ward’s hope for McCain’s Senate seat seem to slip more and more with every blunder.

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