Arizona GOP Rejects Anti-McCain Resolution

It was a tough weekend for Tyler Bowyer and his boss, AJ LaFaro.

One week after LaFaro and Bowyer disregarded their own bylaws in order to pursue the same destructive, divisive tactics that have plagued the MCRC for over a decade, order was restored at the Arizona Republican Party Mandatory meeting on Saturday.

This was a completely different meeting from last Saturday, when chaos reigned, bylaws were ignored and a “kangaroo court” removed two hard working officers from the executive committee, a blatantly illegal “non-endorsement” of Senator McCain was passed and botched processes ruled the day.

Indeed, this last weekend’s State meeting was a welcome relief and a sign that the Republican Party does indeed possess the leadership and unity to win Republican elections in Arizona.

After all, isn’t that what the Republican Party is all about? Winning elections!

The meeting was not without its agitators. On Saturday, the LaFaro/Bowyer cabal pushed forward two more divisive resolutions that would have done nothing to elect more Republicans in November, including the same absurd and incomprehensible “non-endorsement” of Senator McCain. Not only were both resolutions destined for certain defeat had they come to a floor vote, they were clearly in violation of the bylaws of the State Committee. As each resolution was ruled out of order, a clear majority of attendees cheered loudly…drowning out the vocal but clearly outnumbered minority.



(Watch at the 42-second mark, as LaFaro dejectedly walks away from the microphone as the State Committeemen loudly cheer the dismissal of his resolution).

And so, we are again reminded that, for at least the time being, the Maricopa County Republican Committee is a rogue, irrelevant and financially insolvent organization run by a puppet of AJ LaFaro. Instead of working to win elections (and recall, MCRC lost 24 of 28 races in which it participated last year), the Maricopa County GOP exists to divide Republicans and ultimately hurt our chances for victory. Quite frankly, if the Democrats didn’t have the Maricopa County GOP, they’d have to invent it.

Huge congratulations to Chairman Robert Graham and the State Committeemen and women of the Arizona Republican Party. You have turned away from divisiveness and remained focused on the true job of the party: electing Republicans and defeating Democrats. With any luck, you’ll even do enough good work to overcome the damage being done by LaFaro, Bowyer, and the Maricopa County GOP.

The hundreds of strong, conservative Republican candidates across the state will benefit from your leadership.

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