McCain Slams Obama on State of the Union Remarks

President Obama gave his final State of the Union address last night to a politically charged and election driven Congress. Obama came with an upbeat and positive message about increasing cooperation between parties and the state of our military might. Obama shrugged of attacks that he has weakened the military by claiming that we still have the strongest military in the world. Not all agree.

Senator John McCain described Obama’s take on national security as “sad”. McCain told the Arizona Republic,

“In a world where the Chinese are landing aircraft on islands they filled in (in the South China Sea) and Russia is dismembering Ukraine — for the first time in 70 years, a European country is being dismembered — and, of course, with ISIS metastasizing everywhere, his depiction of the world today was almost delusional. It was very dispiriting to see how badly he misinterprets the situation in the world today.”

McCain’s response comes out as loud and clear; the President’s take is “delusional”.

McCain also attacked Obama’s handling of the capture of a US warship by Iran. McCain said,

“They will, I’m sure, be released because Iran has already achieved a propaganda victory by announcing that they had ‘arrested’ Americans on board American warships… Members of our American Navy, at least at this moment, are incarcerated in the hands of Iranians.”

The capture was unacceptable in the eyes of McCain. McCain has made it clear that he would not have simple ignored the situation as Obama did. McCain is on the right track with national security.

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