New Research Shows Hazardous Effects of Marijuana On Behavior.

According to researchers from Yale University of Medicine and the Pennsylvania State University, the study found a positive short-term correlation between marijuana use and hostile and impulsive behavior. Common perceptions of marijuana users generally are mellow and relaxed, yet this new research shows a much different view.

The study claims that “Marijuana use is associated with changes in impulse control and hostility in daily life.” The study, which was published in March, found that participants were generally more aggressive and hostile on days they used marijuana. They also found a similar trend on the following day after marijuana use. The same subjects were shown to be less aggressive when marijuana was not in their system.

This new research raises many questions for Arizona, where marijuana legalization is on the ballot in 2016. Do we want more aggressive and hostile drivers in Arizona? Do we want more aggressive and hostile teens and students in Arizona? Do we want more aggressive and hostile addicts in Arizona?

Given the results of their study, the researchers are concerned about the effects of marijuana and are pushing for more research investigating the effects.

A different study conducted in 2012 by Biological Psychiatry found that marijuana can cause anxiety for regular users during periods of withdrawal and puts those with genetic tendencies at risk for developing schizophrenia.

Proponents of legalizing marijuana do not account for the evidence that shows a large negative effects of marijuana. The voters of Arizona need to know the possible effects of legalization.

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