McCain Hits the Road in Arizona

Senator John McCain hit the road after the holidays to share his message with Arizonans. McCain, who has been extremely active in visiting Arizona cities, went to Yuma to meet with leaders and supporters of local military bases, ambassadors from the local 4-H organization and media representatives. McCain is focusing heavily on national security issues. McCain has a substantial advantage over Kelli Ward and Ann Kirkpatrick when it comes to foreign policy and national security issues.

McCain, the Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, said he is hopeful that there will be a greater emphasis on military spending in coming congressional sessions after the ISIS-related terror attacks renewed the focus on national security.

The military bases in Yuma have faced large budget cuts in recent years, which effects have been felt by Yuma residents. McCain’s effort to increase military spending is great news for Yuma residents.

“Right now we are not adequately funding the military to meet the threats that have just manifested (themselves) in Paris and San Bernardino,” McCain said. “We need about $20 billion more than we are presently spending just on defense, on these other agencies (including the FBI and CIA) I’m not sure. We have the smallest Navy since prior to World War II, we have the smallest Army since prior to World War I, we have the smallest Marine Corps since World War II and we have the smallest Air Force ever.”

The call to increase military spending is common among republicans. McCain, as the chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, is ideally placed to push this policy through the process. McCain will play a key role in US anti-terrorism policy.

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