National Security Takes Center Stage in AZ Senate Race

Since the recent terror attacks in Paris, the United States’ focus has turned to security and fighting terrorism. The voters are looking for candidates that will work to eradicate terrorism and keep the people safe. The voters in Arizona once again turn to John McCain for his experience and expertise.

John McCain has spent decades improving our military, fighting those that oppose the United States, and developing stronger foreign relations. McCain has been involved in every significant national security and foreign policy issue for the past 25 years. McCain is one of the most respected voices when it comes to national security. As Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, McCain has significant influence over foreign policy and military action.

While McCain’s electoral opponents simply talk about national security, McCain is out working to protect the United States and fight terrorism. McCain is not wasting any time simply talking to voters about national security, he is out showing them what he can do.

The voters in Arizona are concerned about national security, and McCain’s opponents fail to comfort the voters. It is clear to the people of Arizona that former state Senator Kelli Ward and Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick do not have military or foreign policy experience.

It is essential that we have experienced and reasoned voices protecting us and fighting terrorism. The voters, once again, are rising up choosing experience by supporting John McCain.

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