Ann Kirkpatrick on Gun Control

Congresswomen Ann Kirkpatrick, the likely democratic challenger for John McCain’s Senate seat, is cracking down on gun control measures. The move comes as a shock to many due to Kirkpatrick’s tight Arizona race. Arizonans have long been strong supporters of the second amendment and have opposed politicians who threaten this right.

The San Bernardino shooting has started a fierce debate on whether the federal government should ban guns sales to individuals on the terrorism watch lists. Ann Kirkpatrick has shown support for this measure. This measure has mixed views in the Republican Party, which makes the congressional outcome far from certain.

Kirkpatrick has been clear on her support of strengthening background checks for gun sales, which is concerning for many Arizonans. Kirkpatrick is even co-sponsoring legislation that would authorize grants to improve the criminal history record system, as well as establish a U.S. House committee to investigate causes of mass shootings, and ways to improve the background check system for gun sales.

The voters in Arizona have been very clear on this issue. Arizona supports the second amendment. Clear and simple. 


Kirkpatrick seems to have misjudged the voters in Arizona. The people do not want more restrictions on guns and gun sales. Establishing a House gun control committee is just creating more government and creates more ways for the government to try and control guns.

Creating more laws will not solve the gun violence issue in the United States. The voters in Arizona stand firm in protecting the second amendment. Its time Kirkpatrick stands with us.

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