Bowyer Retreats From Trump, Flake and McCain Stand Firm

Bowyer is always the man to rush to the microphone… when it is popular.

Millennial libertarian Tyler Bowyer took the microphone to introduce Donald Trump when he came to Arizona. Bowyer embraced and praised his extreme xenophobia. Now Bowyer seems to be backing away from Trump due to his controversial statements on Muslims.

Bowyer said that Trump’s comments “are not reflective of the founding principles of our great nation.”

Does Bowyer disagree with Trump? Or is he just backing away from an unpopular proposal? Bowyer is showing his true colors as one who simply loves the spotlight. Bowyer will flip flop anything to get himself attention or power. This does not reflect well on Bowyer, who is already facing significant opposition from many Republicans for misuse of party funds and misrepresenting the party views.

Other Arizona political figures have openly opposed Trump’s comments on Muslims. Senator Jeff Flake took to Twitter saying,

Just when you think DonaldTrump can stoop no lower, he does. These views do not reflect serious thought.

Senator John McCain went ever further and called Trump’s proposal “foolish”.  McCain told CNN,

“It’s just foolishness. It’s been a long series of statements like this that have been just foolish.”

McCain has already engaged with Trump earlier this year regarding his statements on McCain’s capture while serving in the military.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an extremely controversial public figure, did not reject Trump’s statements. Arpaio claims that Trump is being attacked simply because he is the party’s front runner. Arpaio stated,

I’m sure that these people zeroing in on Trump over this incident are not his supporters, so when you talk about politics nationally, they’re going to do whatever they can to find fault with the leader right now in the presidential candidacy.

Most of Arpaio’s supporters, mainly Tea Party Republicans, are also Trump supporters. A condemnation by Arpaio could be damaging to his own political support.

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