AZ Central Proves Ward Misleads Voters

Kelli Ward is openly misleading voters.

This is not political spin. This is fact.

Kelli Ward is misleading Arizona voters by lying about McCain. Ward, who claims to protect freedom, is disrupting out democratic elections by telling the voters falsehoods.

Ward owes the people of Arizona and John McCain an explanation and an apology. 

The Republic/AZ Central published a study which investigates the truth behind Ward’s comments about John McCain. Ward claimed that,

“McCain refuses to stand up for the sanctity of human life by defunding Planned Parenthood.”

The report claimed Ward’s statement is false. The report stated,

This is the most inaccurate claim that Ward makes in her fundraising e-mail. Not only has McCain voiced his support for defunding Planned Parenthood, including a vote to move a spending bill that defunded Planned Parenthood earlier this year, but he also has a long-established record of supporting pro-life positions.

John McCain has a strong record of fighting abortion in the Senate. Ward is playing political games with Arizona elections.

Ward also claimed that “McCain voted to fund ‘Obamacare”

The report gave this statement a “Mostly False” rating. The report stated,

McCain has voted for spending bills that have funded portions of the Affordable Care Act. However, he has a long and well-established record opposing the legislation and voted for legislation to repeal the law as recently as July. Furthermore, McCain has co-sponsored four bills to repeal the act.

McCain is an outspoken critic of Obamacare. For Ward to claim he wanted to fund Obamacare is extremely misleading. By claiming he voted to fund Obamacare indicates he supports it, which is false. Ward is simply using the overwhelming opposition of Obamacare as a weapon against McCain.

Ward is spouting lies to the voters. Ward is playing political games with our elections. Ward owes McCain and the people an apology.

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