GOP Chairman Bowyer… A Libertarian?

Maricopa County GOP Chairman Tyler Bowyer has been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks. Many Republicans are unhappy with Bowyer’s actions while leading the Maricopa GOP. Many even think he is unfit to lead the Maricopa County GOP and have moved for his dismissal.

Recent allegations have come forward claiming that Bowyer is a no government libertarian, and the evidence supports it. Bowyer was a trainer at the Libertarian Political Expo in May. Bowyer is out training libertarians while claiming to represent the Republican Party. Does Bowyer even believe in Republican ideals? Or does he love the power that comes with the GOP Maricopa County Chair?

Bowyer, while at ASU, brought Libertarian Rand Paul to speak to students. Bowyer has flipped flopped on marriage, one of the most important issues to Republicans. Bowyer also supports marijuana legalization, which a majority of republicans oppose. How can Bowyer lead the Maricopa County GOP when he doesn’t represent the ideology of those he claims to represent?

Bowyer only narrowly escaped a no confidence vote  in response to many charges of misrepresenting the county GOP and misuse of funds. The resolution even called for an independent audit of Bowyer due to “ongoing unethical financial behavior, violating the bylaws with misuse of funds”. Bowyer has been attending GOP presidential debates while on the party’s dime. County GOP members and donors are very upset that Bowyer is using funds for his own personal enjoyment.

Bowyer misrepresented the views of the party when he went on TV claiming that all GOP County members oppose school ballot initiatives. After the interview the county party members made it clear that Bowyer was not speaking the truth.

Maricopa GOP members have had enough of political scandal. We want a leader who can actually lead.

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