Mitt Romney Joins McCain on Campaign Trail as Ward Falters

Mitt Romney, 2012 GOP presidential nominee and GOP powerhouse, will join John McCain on the campaign trail in Arizona on December 12th. Romney’s endorsement of McCain is terrible news for Republican primary challenger Kelli Ward. Romney, who won Arizona in the 2012 election, still has many loyal political followers and will have a drastic effect in the Senate election.

Romney seems to be taking a party elder role in the 2016 election cycle. Rather than getting in the race himself, he seems to be working to elect republicans that share his vision for America. Kelli Ward does not fit that vision for America.

Ward represents an extreme view of republican party that is slowly losing support in Arizona. The voters are beginning to see that extreme republicans are only attacking democrats and moderate republicans and not proposing new ideas. Voters don’t want more political games, they want candidates who will govern.

Romney’s appearance will surely result in a landslide of support for McCain in the primary and general elections. We may be seeing an early finish to the Arizona Senate 2016 primary election has Ward loses her support to McCain.

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