Ward to Resign State Senate Seat

Kelli Ward is set to retire from her Arizona State Senate seat to focus full time on her Senate bid against incumbent John McCain.

Retirement is a risky move for Ward, as she does not have a solid chance against John McCain or Ann Kirkpatrick. An announcement of retirement from Ward is clearly meant to prove to voters and donors that she is committed to her election. Many donors and supporters have been running from Ward due to her conspiracy tendencies and lack of experience. Ward is trying to prove she is serious. Many are praising Ward for not cutting her constituency short by spending all of her time on the election trail for the U.S. Senate.

Ward is presumed to be preparing for a full scale election in January, and will spend the rest of the year working with staff and consultants establish plans. Ward is faced with the problem of finding quality consultants among the political elite in Arizona. We have yet to see a solid strategy from Ward, other than tearing down McCain. Attacks this early in a campaign are never a good sign.

Conversation now turns to who will fill her seat in the State Senate. It is unclear who will take the seat, but Republicans in the district and across the state will start floating names for consideration.


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