Ward Unable to Dismiss Conspiracy Theory Filled Past

Here are the facts:

Kelli Ward held a hearing in her district about the chemtrail conspiracy theory while in the State Senate. Now she denies ever believing it.

We have had enough of politicians playing games with our government. It is time to stand up and oppose politicians who play the usual political games. That is where change will start.

Here is a video of the entire hearing:

A vast majority of voters are concerned about what Ward would do in DC. Her past shows us that she is a people pleaser and will do anything that will get her attention. Arizona needs a Senator willing to lead and solve the tough problems that face our state and nation, not just simply do whatever will get them attention. Kelli Ward is not set on governing, she is set on playing petty politics.

Ward’s priorities are way out of step with the people in Arizona. It is clear that a majority of voters disapprove of the chemtrail conspiracy theory because Ward is quickly distancing herself from the idea, even though she once supported it.

Ward is only loyal to the fringe right wing and not the voters in Arizona.

Ward uses classic fringe rhetoric when talking about different issues that fires up similar idealogical voters. There is simply no way Ward can win over the undecided voters in the statewide Senate race in 2016. A Ward primary victory will surely result in a Kirkpatrick general election win.

Kelli Ward is dangerous for Arizona and our Nation.


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