Out-of-State Wealthy Donors Influencing Ward and Kirkpatrick Races

John McCain is a national Republican figure. As a former GOP presidential nominee and Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, McCain has significant political pull in DC, which many seek to take for themselves. McCain challengers Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick and Republican Kelli Ward have sought out-of-state financial backing in order to try and unseat McCain.

Why is Out-of-State support so detrimental? 

Understandably, the candidates are wanting to keep their out-of-state backers quiet, as this is a sign of failure to earn in-state backing. Arizona voters don’t like to see a candidate’s financial support come from out-of-state because this gives outside influences a large role in Arizona federal representation.

Arizona representation belongs to the people of Arizona, not outside wealthy political power players. 

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick is scheduled to hold a fundraiser in Massachusetts on December 14th with wealthy political donors. Kirkpatrick has already received controversial backing with her endorsement and financial support by the pro-aboriton group Emily’s List. The question is: Will Ann Kirkpatrick be accountable to the people of Arizona or outside wealthy donors and Emily’s List? The answer is unclear.

State Senator Kelli Ward is in a similar situation. Ward’s FEC reports indicate that 52% of her donors are from out-of-state, and 62% of her total donations come from outside contributors. Kelli Ward claims to be the voice of the people of Arizona, yet most of her financial support comes from outside Arizona. Ward claims that she wants to stop the ‘Washington Cartel’, yet she takes money from them.

Here is the breakdown from Ward’s FEC reports.

In-State  Contributors: 191 (48% of total)
Out-of-State Contributors: 203 (52% of total)
In-State Contribution Amount: $125,975 (38% of total)
Out-of-State Contribution Amount: $205,775 (62% total)

Its time for these candidates to start telling the truth, not falsehoods that the voters want to hear. Enough political games, it is time to govern.

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