Arizona Senate Race Turns To Foreign Policy


In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Arizona Senate election has taken a dramatic shift to focus on foreign policy, especially concerning the fight against ISIS. This shift in voter policy interest has given John McCain a significant boost, given his military and foreign policy experience.

McCain’s primary opponent Kelli Ward has taken a large hit with her lack of military and foreign affairs experience. Ward no foreign policy experience, which seems to deter many Arizona voters, as the Senate frequently deals with issues of foreign affairs. Ward’s policy solutions are weak, and the voters are concerned. Ward seems to be spouting vague and standard Tea Party rhetoric concerning terrorism. Voters are starting to realize that Ward is not a viable alternative to McCain’s military and foreign policy leadership.

McCain’s likely general election candidate, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, is also struggling after the Paris attacks. Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick voted against against the bill to halt Syrian refugees entrance into the United States, which poses a real national security threat. Many Arizona voters are frightened at her actions, as these refugees could pose a terrorist threat and endanger Arizona cities. Kirkpatrick has made it clear that she stands firmly behind the Obama administration and their failed ISIS policies.

Ward lacks the ability to sway voters to remove McCain, and Kirkpatrick represents failed policies from the Obama administration. McCain continues to be a voice of experience and sound judgment in this time of great need. John McCain is the representative Arizona needs to fight terrorism and to fight the threat from ISIS.

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