Vicious Ward Attack Dishonestly Claims McCain Is “Propping up ISIS”


Kelli Ward’s embarrassing, conspiracy-laden campaign for the United States Senate took another bizarre and shameful tone today, when she took to social media to post a tweet from her husband, Michael Ward, alleging that Senator McCain “props up Isis.”

Tweet one

This absurd attack would be wrong and offensive under any circumstance…in light of the 129 victims of Isis’s attack in Paris, it approaches the slanderous. And given John McCain’s leadership in the fight against Islamic extremists, it shows shocking ignorance and a failure to understand the fight we are facing as a country.

For years, John McCain has been a leading voice to combat Radical Islam in the Middle East, predicting dire consequences if our country does not engage in the struggle. He’s been a constant critic of the Obama Administration’s failed strategy of “leading from behind,” and has presided over the Armed Services Committee in the Senate. Very few people in our country know as much, or have done as much, as John McCain when it comes to taking the fight to ISIS.

In fact, McCain has been attacked by progressives for repeatedly sounding the alarm on ISIS. As of today, McCain again called for a ground operation against ISIS.

Furthermore, Senator McCain knows that we must take care of the brave men and women who fight against ISIS and protect us around the world, which is why he’s been a leading voice for VA reform, strongly criticizing Hillary Clinton’s efforts to downplay the recent scandal at the VA.

Kelli Ward is an embarrassment, proving time and again that she is unfit to serve in the United States Senate. From lying about her fundraising, to embracing bizarre conspiracy theories, to, now, slandering John McCain as an ally of ISIS, the question begs to be asked: When will her few remaining supporters recognize that there is little, if any, leadership in this candidate.

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