McCain Is On His Way To Re-election

While many people want to see change in Washington, most Arizona voters trust McCain to bring that change. With the war on terror escalating, experienced voices are needed in the fight against terrorism. Nobody is more respected on foreign policy and military affairs as John McCain. McCain has decades of experience with foreign policy, the military, and diplomacy. While McCain will continue campaign in Arizona, the polls and fundraising totals indicate that Senator McCain is well on his way to re-election.

A recent poll showed that John McCain has a solid lead over Kelli Ward.

Arizona Poll

Behavior Research Center

McCain 41%

Kelli Ward 1%

Kelli Ward has zero foreign policy or military experience. Kelli Ward needs a strong compelling reason to convince voters to replace McCain. Frankly, after the Paris terrorist attacks and ISIS threats against the U.S., there seems to be no argument compelling enough to remove McCain and his military and foreign policy savvy. McCain is the clear Republican voice nationally and internationally on foreign affairs.

U.S. Senators play a key role in foreign policy, as the Senate ratifies international treaties and approves military action. If Kelli Ward were elected, she would hold power to alter the U.S. military actions world wide. We need experienced leaders making these decisions, and Kelli Ward is not qualified.

Ward has wasted her time in the Arizona State Senate by chasing conspiracy theories and media grabbing stunts. The Senate is not the place for someone who will play political games. The future of our country is much to important.

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