More Political Games From Kirkpatrick and Ward

Ann Kirkpatrick compares McCain to Trump. 

There are many voters in Arizona, including many Republicans, who think that a Trump presidency would be detrimental to the United States. Ann Kirkpatrick is seizing the opportunity to connect McCain to this common dislike of Trump. The truth is McCain is far from Trump’s personality and ideology. This is a political game used by Kirkpatrick to confuse McCain supporters. Elections are much too important to our nation for Kirkpatrick to be playing political games. We are ready for real leadership, not for more political games in DC.

Both Kirkpatrick and Ward are playing petty political games while McCain makes plans to improve Arizona. 

Kirkpatrick has used every opportunity possible to discredit McCain on any issue, ranging from immigration to veterans issues. Elections are not about trying to destroy the opponent or confuse the voter, it is about representing the will of the people.

John McCain has worked tirelessly to develop policy to help the people in Arizona. McCain has made efforts to better represent latino voters by establishing a latino coalition of local business leaders. McCain has also made efforts to better represent veterans in Arizona by creating a veterans coalition. These are just two examples of how McCain is reaching out to strengthen Arizona.

McCain is out working to represent the people, while Ward and Kirkpatrick are out to discredit McCain. It is clear who the real choice is. It is time to stand up and say no to petty political games. It is time for real leadership.

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