Ward Focused on Political Games, Not Policy

McCain aims to tackle important Arizona issues, while Ward attacks. 

Elections are the backbone of democracy, and serve for us to elect public officials who embody our values and ideology. Unfortunately, many candidates forget the noble role of elections and turn them into a bloody media fight. Kelli Ward seems to have lost track of the purpose of elections. Ward’s campaign is centered around tearing down John McCain, not highlighting her own ability to represent the people of Arizona. Even worse than false political attacks, Ward has displayed her own hypocrisy and fringe ideology in past months. Many Arizona voters are coming to see Ward as another cookie cutter politician.

Ward Hypocrisy 

Ward has attacked McCain trying to brand him as a member of the “Washington cartel“, connecting him to DC gridlock. Ward is trying to play off the general frustration with DC politicians. These attacks seem hypocritical to many Arizonans because Ward, claiming to hate DC politicians, has gone to DC seeking out financial help of the very same “Washington cartel“.

Ward has even aliened herself with a Ted Cruz backed consulting firm. Recent developments have surfaced establishing Kelli Ward as a pawn of Ted Cruz in his fight against the GOP establishment.

On November 16th, Ward posted a link to a poll on her Facebook page claiming she is beating McCain in the polls, which is not exactly the case. The link immediately takes you volunteer and e-mail sign up page. This is clearly a ploy to get people to her page, and doesn’t highlight the actual poll.

Ward Fringe Ideology 

The Kelli Ward we see in the media today is not the same Kelli Ward from the Arizona State Senate. While in the Senate, Ward spent time and resources investigating fringe conspiracy theories, such a chemtrails and UN helicopters in the Arizona desert. Ward even had to deny that she ever believed in chemtrails to appease perspective voters. If she didn’t believe in chemtrails, why did she call a special hearing on the effects of chemtrails? The following is a video of the chemtrail meeting.

Ward does not represent Arizona. It it time to stand up and say no to Kelli Ward.

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