Kelli Ward Seeks Help From DC In Senate Race

Kelli Ward is seeking help from DC power players in order to stay alive in her primary Senate bid. It was reported that Ward was recently in attendance at many conservative functions in DC, including hosting a fundraiser at the Capital Hill Club. Its not exactly clear what her purpose was for traveling to DC, but it is speculated she was seeking financial help from DC elite.

In the past, Ward has praised her ability to raise money without the help of Washington.

“My contributions, over 2,000 of them, are from individuals in Arizona and across the country who believe it is time to shake up Washington,” Ward told The Republic. “Contrast this to Mr. McCain, who is bought and paid for with the hundreds of thousands he has received in the first half of this year alone from D.C. special interests and lobbyists.”

Ward, who is clearly opposed to DC money, is now hosting fundraisers in DC? Is her campaign in that much financial trouble, or is she just showing her hypocrisy once again? The truth is Ward is not as independent from DC as she says she is. Ward tells the public that she is a voice for Arizona, but the truth is that Kelli Ward is just another political hack.

In recent months, Ward has received help from a Ted Cruz connected consulting firm. Ward seems to be a pawn in Ted Cruz’s power play to over-throw the GOP establishment. Cruz has been very active in campaigning for those who could unseat current key establishment players. Arizona derives better than a Senator who plays out-of-state political games while pretending to be a voice for Arizona.

Its also important to note that over half of Ward’s individual contributions come from out-of-state. Ward, who claims to be a new voice for the people of Arizona, receives most of her financial support from those not from Arizona. Here is the breakdown:


Here is the breakdown from Ward’s FEC reports.

In-State  Contributors: 191 (48% of total)
Out-of-State Contributors: 203 (52% of total)
In-State Contribution Amount: $125,975 (38% of total)
Out-of-State Contribution Amount: $205,775 (62% total)

Its clear that Ward is not what she says she is. We need a Senator willing to put aside petty political games and work to represent the people of Arizona. Kelli Ward owes Arizona an expiation and an apology.

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