Ann Kirkpatrick Supports Abortion

Ann Kirkpatrick has made it clear to the voters in Arizona that she supports Abortion. Arizona has long since been a stronghold of family and religious values. The people of Arizona have raised their voices many times to oppose that which will destroy our precious values. Ann Kirkpatrick underestimates the dedication of the voters to oppose any candidate that supports abortion.

Ann Kirkpatrick was recently endorsed by Emily’s List, whose sole purpose is to elect pro-choice women into office. Emily’s list strives to “recruit and train candidates, support strong campaigns, research women’s issues, and turn out women voters.”

In other words, Emily’s list is dumping millions of dollars into elections in order to further the pro-choice agenda. If elected, Emily’s List will lean on Kirkpatrick for votes in favor of abortion. Arizona does not a want third-party pro-aboriton groups to have any control over our representatives. Kirkpatrick is accountable to the people of Arizona, not Emily’s list

According to On the Issues, an organization that compiles and reports elected officials stances on a variety of political issues, Kirkpatrick supports the public funding of abortion. Many Arizonans are very concerned with the government using tax dollars to fund something that they believe to be wrong. Kirkpatrick also opposes parental notification for minors getting abortions. Furthermore, Kirkpatrick supports churches being required to provide birth control in health insurance, even if they oppose the use of contraceptives on religious grounds.

Its clear that Ann Kirkpatrick is out of touch with Arizona’s values. Its time to stand up and protect our religious freedom and oppose Ann Kirkpatrick.


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