Jeff Flake Delivers Check to MCRC despite attack from Bowyer

At the recent Maricopa Executive Guidance Committee meeting, Chairman Tyler Bowyer was asked why he said his committee raised $35k at his Lincoln Day event, when financial reports showed much less. Rather than take responsibility, Bowyer claimed that Senator Jeff Flake committed money to the MCRC but did not follow through on his commitment. When Jeff Flake’s staff was contacted about the blindside, they showed that they had reported the donation on their FEC report and had written the check. Did Tyler Bowyer lose a check from Jeff Flake? 

Rather than send an email to follow up with team Flake or ask members of his board for help in retrieving a new check, Bowyer kept the matter to himself and then decided to publicly attack a Senator. Bowyer seems to be wanting to know how many enemies he can make in Arizona Politics through shifting blame and publicly attacking others without facts. Luckily for the Maricopa County Party, Jeni White, First Vice Chairman of the MCRC took matters into her own hands.

Here is White’s post from Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.04.22 AM

Jeni White displays true servant leadership. She doesn’t blame Senator Flake or his staff. She simply resolves the problem, secures a donation for the MCRC, and thanks those who promptly made it happen. Perhaps Bowyer can learn a lesson from his vice chairman about how to work well with others?

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