Ann Kirkpatrick: Putting Obama First!

Ann Kirkpatrick claims to put Arizona first, yet her actions show us she puts Obama and the Democratic agenda first. 

Our Founding Fathers established our government with accountable representatives. These leaders are to be accountable to the voters through frequent and fair elections. Many members of congress also hold town-hall meetings in order to learn the will of their constituents.

These town hall meetings serve to keep the member of congress accountable. If they vote contrary to the will of the people in their district then they have to to face them in these town-hall meetings. Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick showed us just how hard this can be.

Ann Kirkpatrick voted for Obamacare even though a large portion of her constituents opposed the bill. Shortly after the vote, Kirkpatrick returned to her district to hold a town-hall meeting, and her constituents wanted to hold her accountable for her vote in favor of Obamacare.

Ann Kirkpatrick turned her back on her constituents and left the meeting. We don’t if she left our of fear, shame, or lack of care, but she must answer for this blatant disregard for the voters.

Here is a video of the meeting. Click here for the link

Senator John McCain recently released a statement about her support of Obamacare,

“Given Congresswoman Kirkpatrick’s questionable voting record, it should come as no surprise that she would turn her back on her constituents, literally. After supporting the passage of Obamacare, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick was unable to defend her vote and walked away from a group of concerned constituents – jumping into a car and fleeing her own town hall event. The people of Arizona deserve a representative who will stand up for them, not another partisan Democrat supporting the broken policies of Washington liberals like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.”

Senator McCain also released the following information regarding Kirkpatrick’s record.

KIRKPATRICK’S VOTE = 59,000 ARIZONANS LOSE HEALTH INSURANCE: The Arizona insurance co-op was removed from the Federal Marketplace resulting in 59,000 Arizonans losing their current health insurance days before open enrollment. Congresswoman Kirkpatrick continues to stand by Obamacare, proclaiming it as her proudest vote.

KIRKPATRICK’S PRAISE OF OBAMACARE AND FALSE ASSURANCES: While Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has spent her career staunchly defending Obamacare, she has been wrong every step of the way. Despite her previous assurances, Americans who liked their plans were not able to keep them and Arizonans continue to see their premiums skyrocket year after year.  Congresswoman Kirkpatrick even contradicted her own support of maintaining existing health insurance policies by voting against the Keep Your Own Health Plan Act

KIRKPATRICK IS NOT PROTECTING ARIZONANS: After voting to pass Obamacare, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick announced that the new law would expand protections to consumers. Unfortunately, Arizona families have only seen tremendous increases in their premiums each year with no relief in sight. In fact this year alone, premiums will increase by an average of 17.5 percent in Arizona.

Kirkpatrick is more concerned on pleasing Barrack Obama than representing the people of Arizona. Her policies have lead us to more debt and bigger government. More importantly, if she walked out once, she will do it again.

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