Ward Campaign Creates Trouble

Kelli Ward is creating problems for Arizona. Ward was found acting as a pawn of Ted Cruz in his fight with party leaders. Weather you agree with current party or not, we can all agree that GOP leadership is out to keep the majority in the House and Senate. Ward is endangering these hopes.

A Ward primary win will lead to a Kirkpatrick general election victory. 

Kelli Ward could damage the GOP hopes to keep the Senate. The NRSC has made it very clear that any firm or figure who works against Republican incumbents will be blacklisted. Kevin McLaughlin, deputy executive director of the party committee stated,

“Our policy is clear. The NRSC will not work with anyone who works against Senate Republican incumbents.”

The NRSC isn’t out to silence GOP primary opponents, they are out to keep the a majority in congress. The real problem here is that Ward, and many other primary challengers, increase the risk of the GOP losing the Senate. As Politics Arizona recently reported, Kelli Ward does not have the political savvy, experience, or fundraising ability to beat Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.

CNN recently reported,

“McCain, the 79-year-old chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is the biggest target for conservative groups, who have seized on his history of working with Democrats, particularly on immigration. But so far, influential conservative activists are not yet convinced that his main primary foe — Ward, a physician and state senator since 2013 — would be viable in a 2016 primary bid.”

The Democrats know this too. The DSCC recently released a statement about Ward that portrayed her primary challenge in a very positive light. The Democrats want her to win because they know a Ward primary win will lead to a Kirkpatrick general election victory.

Is it that bad that McCain knows how to reach across the isle and make a deal with the democrats? We are at an extreme level of gridlock in DC. Making deals with the opposition is how legislation works. Making deals doesn’t mean you compromise you political ideology. In most cases it helps our country progress. Legislation is the art of compromise.

Kelli Ward is a pawn of national political leaders in the fight for dominance

CNN recently reported,

“A firm owned by [Ted] Cruz’s campaign manager has been hired to help take out Sen. John McCain in his GOP primary, inflaming tensions with party leaders that have grown more pronounced since the Texas firebrand announced his presidential campaign earlier this year.”

“The Kansas City-based firm, Axiom Strategies, was founded by Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe. According to campaign finance filings reviewed by CNN, the firm has recently received roughly $60,000 in payments for consulting services from the campaign of state Sen. Kelli Ward, who is launching an insurgent bid against the 28-year Senate veteran and former GOP presidential candidate.”

Lets have Arizona voters decide what is best for Arizona, not Ted Cruz and national consulting firms. Kelli Ward loves to tell voters that she will represent the average Arizonan, yet she seeks help from other politicians who have nothing to do with Arizona and gets a majority of her donations from people outside Arizona.

Ward is simply a pawn in Ted Cruz’s hands in his fight against party leaders. Our Arizona Senate seat is much more that a power play, its our representation in government. Its time to tell Kelli Ward that enough is enough. Enough of her the outside influence in Arizona. Enough of the silly political games. Enough of Republicans fighting other Republicans.

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