Did Chairman Tyler Bowyer Lose a Donation from Jeff Flake’s PAC?

Maricopa County Chairman Tyler Bowyer’s very bad day(s) is getting worse. During Wednesday’s Maricopa County Executive meeting, Chairman Bowyer accused Senator Jeff Flake of not following through on a promise to contribute to the MCRC’s Lincoln Day Dinner. Chairman Bowyer said this publicly, to the entire committee.

The problem is this is not accurate. Senator Flake’s PAC sent Chairman Bowyer a check back in May and included the contribution in their mid-year FEC report. It can be easily searched online for verification.

First, if the check was misplaced, why did the Chairman simply not email team Flake to ask the status? If he did, the check would likely be reissued no problem. In this example, it is giving everyone the benefit of the doubt without falsely accusing a Republican Senator publicly.

Second, as the FEC report has shown, Flake’s team did send a check. Did Chairman Bowyer simply lose the check? In this example, it is another question regarding Chairman Bowyer’s ability to effectively manage his office.

Third, it is irresponsible to act this way publicly as the Chairman of the Maricopa Republican Party. In no way are Republicans benefited by having the elected Chairman call out a sitting Republican Senator. As has been stated before, Chairman Bowyer’s responsibility is to bring people into the party by increasing registration and raising money. Currently, the Maricopa County Republican Party is struggling financially.

It is simply another reason why he barely survived a vote of no confidence Wednesday night:

The vote of no confidence resolution was brought to the floor by Aaron Borders, the second vice chairman of the county party. Observers say that Bowyer tried to silence Borders resolution but that Borders had the backing of the board to continue his remarks and resolution, with membership voting to let Borders have the floor. While Borders read his remarks, Chairman Bowyer grew visibly angry and declared, “I’m going home!”. As Bowyer was exiting from the building, many in the crowd starting chanting for his resignation. Perhaps realizing his vote may matter, Bowyer came back into the meeting. In a close vote of 14 to 15, Bowyer narrowly survived the resolution. One LD chair, after an hour of shouting, departed the meeting despite supporting the resolution; a clear majority of the Committee has lost confidence in Bowyer’s leadership.

One observer who was there commented, “Many of us are unhappy with Mr. Bowyer’s leadership, but had objections to specific portions of the resolution. We hope Tyler will start to involve other people in his decisions. We can’t understand why he is working with democrat activist lawyers, and spending his time speaking about policy issues on TV when he should be registering voters for success in 2016.”

Chairman Bowyer’s follies are mounting too. Recently, Chairman Bowyer, without notifying his fellow elected Maricopa County Republican colleagues, appeared on television stating his opposition to every school funding request on the ballot. If you have not heard, the appearance was an embarrassing disaster.

Beyond, Chairman Bowyer’s speaking out of turn for his fellow elected Maricopa County Republican officials, a majority of the school funding measure passed resoundingly.

As noted in a previous article, Bowyer’s embarrassing interview comes on the heals his hire of a Hillary Clinton supporting lawyer as covered by Sonoran Alliance. If you have not seen the article, it is worth a read:

You’ve seen the recent reports of the defamation lawsuits flying back and forth between Democrat activists and the MCRC, while reviewing the cast of characters we found a doozy and Chairman Tyler Bowyer has some explaining to do. Did you know the self-employed lawyer hired by MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer is actually a leftist criminal defense attorney with a long history of bashing Republicans? But there she is, listed right here on the maricopacountygop.com website as “General Counsel.”

Chairman Bowyer is simply bumbling from one blunder to the next. Republicans deserve better. We need competent leadership if we are to defeat Democrats and expand Republican victories. We need a responsible Chairman that is not fighting fellow Republicans, but one who can bring Republicans together.

Can it get any worse?


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