DSCC Favors Kelli Ward

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a statement on November 2nd that was supportive of Kelli Ward. It seems the DSCC is Ward’s biggest cheerleader.

The DSCC published Kelli Ward’s statements about McCain in the hopes these quotes would reach more voters. The DSCC praised Ward’s fundraising ability, which Politics Arizona has already reported is falsely inflated due to Ward’s personal loan of $85,000 to her own campaign.  The release goes on to praise Ward’s statewide efforts to challenge McCain.

The release stated,

“Kelli Ward, launched a statewide tour that promises to keep the pressure on the five-term Senator.”

Why would the DSCC praise the efforts of Republican Kelli Ward? Lets take a look.

The DSCC wants Ward in the general election because she doesn’t have a chance against Democrat challenger Ann Kirkpatrick.

The DSCC knows that if Ward gets to the general, her lack of experience and extreme ideology would be easy for Kirkpatrick to overcome.

It comes down to basic election analysis. Ward is too extreme to attract to moderate voters which are needed to win the general election. The DSCC knows that McCain is much more attractive to a wider range of voters, making him a formidable general election opponent. If Ward beats John McCain the democrats have a guaranteed seat in the Senate.

Ward has a big fundraising disadvantage

Ward has already showed the public that she lacks the ability to fundraise. Ward has only raised $527,938, including her $85,000 loan, in the 3rd quarter, as compared to McCain’s total of over a million. The DSCC knows that McCain has the ability and backing to raise the money needed to win the general. Kelli Ward lacks ability to raise the money needed. In elections, money equals the ability to get your message out to the public, and Kelli Ward just doesn’t have the ability to get her message out.

Its time to see Kelli Ward for what she really is, the democrats only hope.

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