Tyler Bowyer’s Anti-Education Blunder

Tyler Bowyer’s anti-education comments on 12 News Sunday Square Off created quite a stir last week. Resnik’s Sunday November 1st show had thousands of views and produced angry comments mostly from Republicans, expressing that Tyler Bowyer did not speak for their views.

Resnik said,

“That interview got the largest response of any interview I’ve done this year on square off. Tens of thousands of views online. The overwhelming response, Bowyer was dead wrong, and here’s what might surprise you. I heard that from many republicans.”

While Governor Doug Ducey and Republican legislative leaders were trying to negotiate an education settlement to get more money to schools, Bowyer was pursuing an agenda for extreme elements of the GOP, who are out of touch with common voters concerns. Voters and polls overwhelming rank education funding as a top concern.

Also, in question was Bowyer’s claim that each Maricopa County Legislative District studied the issue and worked to express their research to their community. According to most district chairmen in Maricopa County, this never happened, and looks to be a fabricated story that Bowyer made up on Sunday Square off to give himself credibility. Also in question was Bowyer’s statement that the vote was unanimous. Many leaders were not present at the meeting where Bowyer pushed through the resolution. Many leaders were not in attendance due to an apparent meeting location change by Bowyer.

Bowyer’s public interview showed Republicans and Independents what leaders in LD 30 already knew about Bowyer.

Luckily for voters, this ambitious master of deception is beginning to reveal his duplicity to the public. Many Republicans in Maricopa County question Bowyer’s ability to serve as chairman.

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