Governor Ducey, legislators pass $3.5 billion package for Arizona schools

Last week, the Governor called a special session to address what Arizonans called “The Top Issue for Voters” in 2015 – Arizona’s education funding.

In a quick few days, the hard work of the Arizona legislators paid off and they voted to pass Ducey’s education plan.

Ducey made a few remarks following the end of the special session:

We all ran for office to improve the lives of Arizona citizens.

Today, we came through in a big way. And we did it for Arizona kids, families and teachers. I want to thank everyone here today for making it happen.

First and foremost, President Biggs and Speaker Gowan for their leadership in taking this from an idea to a reality. You delivered on the promise of legislative leadership.

The education leaders, for their commitment to getting it done. The education champions and community leaders, who never gave up.

And of course, the legislators – Republican and Democrat – who voted, yes…

We all know, there is plenty of gridlock in politics. But through this effort, we have proven that if we work together, in a spirit of good faith, we can get positive things done for the citizens of this state…

These are dollars our kids and teachers will see. Make no mistake.

I want to thank you all and everyone else who came together, to put our citizens first.

I know everyone worked hard through the give-and-take … and that it wasn’t easy – but I also know you did it because you share a commitment to ensuring every student in Arizona has access to a world-class education.

Read his full remarks here.

From Bob Robb’s AZ Republic column:

“The settlement is a monumental achievement for the state. We were quite possibly headed for a constitutional crisis, in which the courts found that schools were owed a sum of money that couldn’t be paid without a tax increase the Legislature would neither enact nor refer.”

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