Ann Kirkpatrick Still Supports Obamacare Despite Failures

Why does Ann Kirkpatrick still support Obamacare?

Ann Kirkpatrick represents failed democratic policies which have lead our nation into more debt and bigger government. We cannot make progress by keeping up the failed policies of the status quo. Its time to move forward.

Obamacare is at the forefront of these failed status quo policies. Kirkpatrick, who voted for Obamacare in the house, still supports this failing law. Kirkpatrick stated on 12 News Sunday Square Off on that “I’m not budging.”

Kirkpatrick is unwilling to admit she was wrong regarding Obamacare. True leadership is willing to acknowledge that you were wrong and go on to do the right thing. That is the kind of leadership Arizona needs.

Obamacare is slowing imploding, yet Ann Kirkpatrick still supports it. 

The facts are slowing emerging regarding President Obama’s healthcare plan, and they are not anything like expected. Gallup reported that 39% of Americans think Obamacare doesn’t make much of a difference, while 36% claim it has made things worse. Only 22% say that the Affordable Care Act made things better.





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America was told by President Obama, and other proponents of the law, that it would help the poor get health insurance and improve overall well-being. The truth is that only 20% of those that make less and $24,ooo a year claim the law has helped. A large majority of those that make less than $24,000 a year claim that the ACA had no effect or hurt them. Its clear, this law is failing.

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The Wall Street Journal reported, 

Supporters credit ObamaCare with helping nine million uninsured Americans find coverage in 2014. But a new paper from the Heritage Foundation, however, suggests that nearly all of the increase came from adding nearly nine million people to the Medicaid rolls.

In other words, ObamaCare expanded coverage in 2014 to the extent that it gave people free or nearly free insurance. That goal could have been accomplished without the Affordable Care Act. To justify its existence, ObamaCare must make affordable private insurance available to a broad cross-section of uninsured Americans who are ineligible for Medicaid.

Ann Kirkpatrick needs to face the truth that Obamacare does not work.

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