Marijuana legalization will jeopardize the progress AZ just made in education

The recent win for Arizona education is big.  We are putting $3.5 billion into our schools without raising taxes.

Studies of young adults who frequently use marijuana show time and time again a diminished IQ, increased dropout rates, increased risk of suicide and higher psychological issues.

Why then would we consider legalizing for more people, including inadvertent youth, to have access to it?

From State Rep. Paul Boyer in the Arizona Capitol Times:

With considerable discussion about Arizona’s education funding, along with high school and college graduation rates, shouldn’t we do all we can to improve our state of education instead of making it much worse by legalizing marijuana?

Given all our debates about funding education in Arizona, one is left asking what the point of all that would be if we introduce a substance into society that will nullify, if not reverse, everything we are trying to improve when it comes to our children’s education.  Whatever plan we settle on with education, adding marijuana into the mix will render this debate—and its result—essentially pointless.

The legislature has given the people of Arizona a great opportunity to advance education, and most importantly, help our children. We’d best not waste it.

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