Kelli Ward’s Fundraising Hypocrisy

Majority of Kelli Ward’s Donors are Out-of-State.

Kelli Ward is under heavy attack regarding her misleading fundraising methods. Ward was found to have mislead the voters by falsely inflating her fundraising totals by personally loaning her campaign $85,000 and counting it as fundraising. Kelli Ward’s personal loan accounts for 16.1% of her total campaign funds, which falsely gives her campaign the appearance of fundraising success.

Kelli Ward was quoted on October 24th in The Republic responding to her loan scandal.

“Yes, I wanted to personally invest in my own race — how can I ask others to invest if I don’t invest myself? Most candidates who contribute to their own campaigns do so in the form of a ‘loan’ which shows up in the debt column.”

Someone needs to explain to Kelli Ward that a loan is not an investment in a campaign. Kelli Ward expects her donors to give their money, which they will never get back, while she loans her campaign money, which she will get back. The hypocrisy is astounding.

In addition to Ward’s loan scandal, she was recently found to have 52% of her donors from out-of-state. Ward, claiming to be the champion of average Arizonan, gets most of her financial support from outside of Arizona. Once again, the hypocrisy is astounding.

If Kelli Ward is claiming she wants to be Arizona’s Senator why is she raising the majority of her money from outside of Arizona? 

Here is the breakdown from Ward’s FEC reports.

In-State  Contributors: 191 (48% of total)
Out-of-State Contributors: 203 (52% of total)
In-State Contribution Amount: $125,975 (38% of total)
Out-of-State Contribution Amount: $205,775 (62% total)

Even with the high influx of out-of state donors, the Ward campaign is still burning though money too fast.

Ward’s campaign raised $527,938 (including Ward’s personal loan of $85,000), spent $207,067 and had $320,871 on hand at the end of the quarter. Thats a burn rate (the proportion of funds spent to total contributions) of 39%. Without Ward’s personal loan, her campaign has a burn rate of 47%. A high burn rate shows that the campaign in struggling financially. Ward is burning through her cash too fast to say viable from much longer.

AZ Central reported that Ward’s fundraising blunders and lack of financial viability is failing to convince tea-party alined groups like FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth to take a chance and spend money on her behalf in the Arizona race. Ward’s hope for McCain’s Senate seat seem to slip more and more with every blunder.

Kelli Ward’s actions are hypocritical and out of line. Kelli Ward owes her donors and the voters and explanation and apology.

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