Ward Lacks Experience for Senate Seat

Many Arizona voters wonder if Kelli Ward has the experience to be in the US Senate. Ward, a member of the State Senate, just assumed office in January of 2013, which causes alarm to many, due to the overwhelming lack of experience in public office.

Ward, who has no military or national security experience, wants to join the government body that examines and ratifies international agreements, such as the Iran deal. Is she qualified to represent Arizona on such important votes? Ward, who has no federal government experience wants to join the body that advises and consents on appointees for high government office. Is she qualified?

The Senate is the upper chamber in our national legislative branch, and has many qualified and district members who serve our nation.

Arizona is known for having experienced and influential members in the senate. Former Senator Jon Kyl, a member of republican leadership in the Senate before his retirement, was a member of the House from 1987-1995. John McCain, the Armed Services Committee Chairman and former presidential nominee, served in the US Armed Forces and as a member of the House before is election to the seat of republican legend Barry Goldwater. Senator Jeff Flake served in the House from 2001-2013, before his election to the Senate. Each of our distinguished Arizona senators were qualified and ready to take office.

Kelli Ward does not have the experience needed. 

Ward’s lack of experience shows in her legislative work in the State Senate. Ward is known for wasting resources on her wild conspiracy theories. Ward has focused on many strange issues, which any experienced legislator would avoid, such as fictitious UN helicopters in Arizona and chemtrails.

Ward’s lack of experience is clearly evident by her rash and immature actions in the Arizona Senate. Arizona deserves better than Kelli Ward. Its time to stand up and say no to inexperience and fringe conspiracy theories.

Its time to say no to Kelli Ward.


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