Pro-Abortion Group Endorses Kirkpatrick for Senate

Emily’s List Endorses Ann Kirkpatrick for U.S. Senate

Emily’s List is self-described as “the nation’s largest resource for women in politics has raised over $400 million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates.”

Emily’s list is dumping millions of dollars into U.S. elections with the purpose to further the pro-abortion agenda, and now they are coming to Arizona. A large majority of Arizona citizens have long since been opposed to the pro-choice platform, yet Kirkpatrick still supports it.

Protection of the unborn is a major part of Arizona families’ core values. This is evident by the overall decrease of abortions in Arizona. The Arizona Department of Health Services released a report that detailed a 7.4% reduction in abortions in Arizona overall. Arizona is standing up and saying no to abortion. Once again, Ann Kirkpatrick shows Arizona voters that she does not care about the will of the people.

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What is worse, is now Emily’s List will control Ann Kirkpatrick. Emily’s list’s website detailed that one of their purposes is to “recruit and train candidates” for government office. What does this mean for Arizona? Will Emily’s List control Ann Kirkpatrick? What information and training are they giving Ann Kirkpatrick? All Arizonans should find this appalling that an outside pro-aboriton group is influencing our lives in Arizona.

Emily’s List plans on cashing in on their investment in Kirkpatrick by lobbying for pro-abortion votes if Kirkpatrick gets elected.

We don’t want a pro-abortion group controlling our elected officials. Ann Kirkpatrick owes Arizona and explanation and an apology.

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