Kirkpatrick Falters: McCain Leads Arizona Senate Race Fundraising

John McCain Leads Fundraising Over Rival Kirkpatrick

McCain led all rivals in fundraising in the 3rd quarter, finishing with 4.9 million in the bank. McCain’s campaign finance totals are seen as a measure of his momentum and viability in the 2016 race.

“Senator McCain is grateful for the overwhelming support received during the third quarter and will continue to work hard to earn the support of all Arizonans,” – Lorna Romero, his campaign spokeswoman, said.

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, McCain’s only major democratic opponent, reported raising $569,773 in the 3rd quarter. AZ Central reported that Kirkpatrick’s campaign spent $432,145, much of it on fundraising expenses and consultants. As of September 30th, Kirkpatrick only had $766,604 on hand.

If Kirkpatrick’s fundraising is any measure of her momentum and viability, her campaign is struggling. Due to her faltering momentum, Kirkpatrick has taken to attacking McCain on reaching out to Latinos in Arizona.

McCain has long been one of the few GOP members to support Latino issues. Kirkpatrick’s poor attempt to attack McCain is clearly a desperate move, and ironically is pure political on her part. Kirkpatrick’s lies about McCain are a poor attempt to confuse voters.

McCain, in good faith, is reaching out to Latinos in Arizona, and is being attacked for it.  Kirkpatrick’s faltering momentum does not justify attacking McCain for reaching out to voters in Arizona. Ann Kirkpatrick owes McCain and all Latinos an apology.

Ann Kirkpatrick is losing momentum, and she is getting desperate. 


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