Kelli Ward Fails To Catch Any Momentum In Senate Race

Ward’s Popularity on Decline Due to Recent Developments

Recent developments regarding Ward’s character has diminished her popularity in Arizona. Coming into the race, Ward was expected to present a formidable challenge to incumbent John McCain. Since the electorate has come to know Kelli Ward, she has been unable catch any momentum.

What has lead the voters to lose interest in Kelli Ward? Lets take a look. 

Ward was recently found to have mislead the voters by concealing the truth about her fundraising totals. Politics Arizona recently reported that Ward released false fundraising totals to the public in attempt inflate fundraising totals.

Ward, in a statement to AZ Central , said that she raised “over half a million dollars.” In truth, Ward only raised $437,882.41. In order to push her totals over the half a million mark, Ward personally loaned her campaign $85,000. Someone needs to explain to Ward that a personal loan does not count as fundraising.

Ward’s lies has lead voters to question her integrity. If Ward lied about fundraising, will she lie about things in office?

Next, Ward’s tendency to chase conspiracy theories has also scared off many potential supporters. Ward has spent time investigating the chemtrail conspiracy theory, UN helicopters in Arizona, schools forcing students to wear a hijab, and other false claims. In the Arizona State Senate, Ward wasted time and resources investigating these fringe conspiracy theories.

While in State Senate, Ward called a hearing to present information regarding the chemtrail conspiracy theory. This theory claims that the long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public. The following is a video of the hearing.

Ward is showing the public who she really is, and the voters are turning away. Arizona needs a Senator willing to focus on the needs of the people, not fringe conspiracy theories. Its time to tell Kelli Ward enough with her conspiracy theories.

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