Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Bowyer’s Embarrassing Babbling on Education Funding

Arizona Republicans are not doing themselves any favors by having Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Bowyer as their spokesman. Recently, Mr. Bowyer defended his decision as Maricopa County’s elected Republican leader to oppose all school funding requests on the ballot.

The Maricopa County Republicans are tasked with raising money, increasing voter registration, and electing Republicans. If anything, taking a position of this nature not only detracts from their purpose but almost certainly damages their brand in the community.

Simply, the video is an embarrassingly bad attempt to promote Republican principles. Sadly, people noticed it was incredibly awful.


Arizona Republicans value education and not every Republican in Maricopa County agrees with Mr. Bowyer’s position.

According to Aaron Borders’ facebook post on the video, not every elected leader in Maricopa County Republican leadership is supportive of Bowyers’ efforts.

This interview is an extreme embarrassment. And Tyler Bowyer doesn’t speak for many of us. He tends to forget that THE JOB of the Chairman is to get Republicans elected by getting voters to the polls. Which if anyone took note of, he failed miserably in the Phoenix city council election, by not lifting one finger or putting ANY resources behind the Republicans that ran in that race. And only 20.81% of all voters even showed up to vote. Yep, almost 80% of voters stayed home. In the private sector, you’d probably get fired for this lack of results.

He also is being completely disingenuous by saying that all 20 chairmen were at the meeting and supported his vote. It is ignorant to paint every district with a broad brush, they are all unique in their own ways. You would think that if a “vote NO on all” was going to take place we may have considered evaluating all of the districts asking for overrides. But to my knowledge as the 2nd Vice Chairman, this wasn’t done. Plus if I remember correctly, the Republican Party is also about local control. How does this broad brush of just saying no to all, balance with giving local control to elected school boards?

Also true to Tyler’s form, no one on the board was made aware of his TV appearance until it was aired. This self-promotion is not leadership, it’s his addiction to insert himself into any issue is reminiscent of how his opportunistic ways work. He likes to brag about being on the board of regents but not only did he recommend himself for this position (by bypassing the proper interview and selection process) but now takes a “vote NO on all” position which is extremely hypocritical considering he voted “YES” for EVERY budget increase with Fred DuVal.

Borders is the Second Vice Chair of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Borders is a conservative and even he believes Bowyers’ performance was an embarrassment primarily because Bowyers is projecting to speak as a united voice for all Republicans. We know that a lot of Republicans support the funding education as a priority and some do not. We also know each school district’s facts and funding needs are different.

Additionally, Mr. Bowyer apparently did not inform other elected Board members of his decision to go on television. Bowyer has a responsibility to include his Board in the decision making process when it comes to media appearances.

Regardless, Mr. Bowyer silences the voice of Republicans he is supposed to represent. Chairman Bowyer should be focused on helping Republicans get elected rather than dividing the Party he took an oath to support.

Bowyer’s embarrassing interview comes on the heals his hire of a Hillary Clinton supporting lawyer as covered by Sonoran Alliance. If you have not seen the article, it is worth a read:

You’ve seen the recent reports of the defamation lawsuits flying back and forth between Democrat activists and the MCRC, while reviewing the cast of characters we found a doozy and Chairman Tyler Bowyer has some explaining to do. Did you know the self-employed lawyer hired by MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer is actually a leftist criminal defense attorney with a long history of bashing Republicans? But there she is, listed right here on website as “General Counsel.”


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