The Perils Of Marijuana In Our Schools

States are often referred to as the “laboratories of democracy”, which means that states will often study the effects of certain policies enacted in other states in order to develop and implement policies of their own. In this sense, Colorado is extremely useful in understanding the effects of marijuana.

In a recent town hall education meeting, administrators, educators, public officials, and conceded parents, met to discuss the effect of marijuana on students. Educators and parents are extremely nervous of the social and educational effects of marijuana on students.

“We got sold that marijuana legalization was going to positively impact our schools,” said Christine Harms, director of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center. “And there is the school infrastructure aspect, but we’re not seeing tremendous changes with marijuana prevention programs, and our students are paying the price.”

Educators are seeing a dramatic shift in culture regarding drugs. Kids see parents and others smoking marijuana and think that smoking marijuana is normal and even acceptable. Even worse, there is a growing marketing campaign of marijuana products that target children with candy laced with THC. Jeff Whitmore, director of transportation for Bayfield School District in southwestern Colorado stated

“At first, I thought it was similar to alcohol and that the kids would do it anyway and all that, but it’s like they’re disguising alcohol as Kool-Aid and marketing it to kids. These edibles are cookies and gummy bears, and they’re filled with high amounts of THC.”

Many educators and school officials stated that marijuana is the number one problem facing Colorado students today.

The marijuana lobby is turing its sights on Arizona. Arizona must stand up to protect our kids and say no to marijuana. The evidence from Colorado is clear and the effects are debilitating.


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