Not so fast my friend! Part II

As we suspected in Part I,  Kelli Ward and her team were not giving the straight scoop about her financial numbers she released to the public.

The FEC campaign financial reports were released today, revealing lies by Kelli Ward. In a statement to The Arizona Republic, Ward said

“we’ve raised over half a million dollars!”

Ward’s campaign totals were met with praise from many, impressed with her support and ability to fundraise. Ward, wanting to ride this good press, has been touting her “half a million” to all that will listen.

The fact is, Ward has only raised $437,882.41.

The following is a section of the report Kelli Ward filed with the FEC, and the reports don’t lie.

Summar Ward

The section outlined in red is her total net contributions, with a total of only $437,882.41. The section outlined in orange is the total debts and obligations owed by the campaign, with a total of nearly $100,000. In a desperate move, Kelli Ward loaned her campaign $85,000 to inflate her fundraising numbers. It seems that Ward is willing to mislead the voters in order to claim she has raised over half a million. The following are copies of Kelli Ward’s FEC reports showing her loan of $85,000

debt 2


debt 1

Someone needs to explain to Kelli Ward that a personal loan to her own campaign won’t impress people like donations from real people . High fundraising totals generally show the public that a candidate has legitimate support and can be taken seriously. Ward, desperate to prove her legitimacy decided to mislead the voters by inflating her fundraising totals.

The fact is, Kelli Ward is misleading the voters. Kelli Ward owes the people of Arizona an explanation. If she is willing to mislead this early her ambitious attempt at power, what else will she mislead voters about?

Kelli Ward an outsider….??? Not so fast my friend!

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