John Fillmore: The Perpetual Candidate

John Fillmore runs for public office… again.

Sometimes candidates just don’t take the hint that enough is enough.

Once again, Apache Junction resident John Fillmore is running for public office. Fillmore, who has several failed elections under his belt, is now running for the state house in LD 16.

Fillmore, started his perpetual candidacy in 2010 when he ran for the state house in LD 23. Fillmore, by a stroke of good luck, ran unopposed and was elected to the house. Many have theorized that if he had a primary opponent, he would not have been elected.

Just two years later, in 2012, Fillmore challenged Rich Crandall for state senate in LD 16, and lost. This was not enough for John Fillmore.

In 2014, Fillmore ran for the state house in LD 16, and lost to Kelly Townsend and Doug Coleman. Fillmore had only 20% of the total primary votes. It is clear that Fillmore’s popularity had been shrinking fast over the years. Fillmore’s signature piece of legislation during his term in the House was the legalizing marijuana. While protecting marijuana may play well to a few personal friends of Fillmore, Mesa’s socially conservative voters don’t want to elect someone who is advocating for weed growers and users.

Fillmore’s 2012 and 2014 campaigns were extremely mismanaged. Fillmore’s 2014 campaign website was very poorly made, and is full of punctuation and grammatical errors. Fillmore’s site even failed to disclose where his funding comes from. If Fillmore wants to be taken seriously in 2016, he will need to run as a traditional conservative that should be taken seriously.

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