Obama’s Arizona Puppet

Kirkpatrick is Obama’s Arizona puppet.

Arizona is proud to fight against the damaging Obama agenda. Many Arizona congressmen have fought Obamacare, Senator McCain is fighting Obama’s Iran deal, and the Arizona State Legislature is fighting against Obama’s immigration orders. What would Ann Kirkpatrick do for Arizona?

Kirkpatrick voted to pass Obamacare in the house, supports the Iran deal, and supports Obama’s immigration actions.

Arizona has a strong history of opposing Obama and the democratic agenda, yet Kirkpatrick still continues to support Obama over the people of Arizona. Kirkpatrick continues to support terrible policies her constituents don’t support because she is more focused on the Democratic agenda. Party plays an important role in American politics, but it should never overtake the role of the people. We need a change in Washington, not someone who will play the same DC party politics game. Its time for a change.

Ann Kirkpatrick clearly does not understand the people of Arizona and what they stand for. Arizona has a clear history of opposing the democratic agenda, like raising taxes and increasing the size of government. How can we send someone to represent Arizona in the senate who is clearly out of touch with the values most Arizonans hold?

Ann Kirkpatrick does not represent the will of the people in Arizona. Its time for us to rise up and tell Kirkpatrick we do not want her policies in our state.

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